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Importance of Physical Enrichment

Physical enrichment involves introducing anything into your pet's daily routine that encourages physical activity in instinctual and challenging ways! Here are some fun ways to provide physical enrichment:

1. Get your pet out of his enclosure for some supervised exercise in a pet-proof room or an outside enclosure!

2. Provide different toys and accessories in your pet's environment to engage and interact with, such as Oxbow's Timothy Club Bungalow! 

3. Stimulate your pet by playing fun and engaging games such as: 

  • Hide and Seek - Hide your pet's favorite treat in a paper sack, roll it up, and hide it in different places around your pet's enclosure! 
  • Balancing Act - Holding a treat high enough above his head to make him stretch to reach it.  Gradually increase the height until your furry friend perfects his balancing act! 

Safety First!

Always think about potential hazards or injuries that could occur before bringing your pet out to play. 


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