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Horse Fly Spray Application

To help your chosen fly spray or other insect repellent do its work of keeping biting insects away from your horse both safely and well, follow the guidelines below

  • Start with a clean horse. Curry and brush well to remove loose hair and dirt before applying any kind of repellent.
  • Be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions and follow them when applying insect repellents.
  • If you are applying insect repellent to your horse before riding him, tack him up beforehand. If you spray his entire body and then tack up, heat and pressure in the saddle area can make the chemicals in the repellent even more irritating to his skin.
  • Avoid spraying your horse's head, which risks getting the product into his eyes. Instead, spray the product on a soft cloth and wipe it gently under his eyes - but not above them.
  • For extra protection to the ears gently massage fly repellent cream inside his ears.
  • Lastly, follow manufacturer's label guidelines for frequency of use. 

Article Credit: http://practicalhorsemanmag.com/article/horse-fly-spray-application-18404

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