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Grooming is essential for a dog's coat to stay in great shape, whether it comes from you or regular visits to the groomer, or a combination of both.

Without a doubt, bathing and grooming makes canine cohabitation a lot more pleasant. At the same time, proper grooming, from ears to tail-tip, helps pets be at their healthiest. It's up to us as pet owners get these important grooming tasks done.

  • In between the baths, dogs with longer hair need regular brushings to avoid painful mats and tangles. Even in short-haired dogs, brushing draws oils from the skin's surface to the hair follicle, serving as a natural coat conditioner.
  • The time spent tending your dog's coat is also your opportunity to examine them to make sure they're healthy. Wet hair offers a better look at the skin surface so you can ensure it's free of bumps, irritation and ticks/fleas.
  • You'll also want to pick up and check their paws, checking pads for cracks and damage, and the nail tips to see if it's time for a trim.
  • Before you apply the ear cleaning solution, see that the ear canal is free of chiggers and red inflamed spots that might need attention.

Most dogs, if they're not spending long hours exploring the great outdoors (and getting into smelly situations), can go 6-8 weeks between grooming sessions. The dog's normal activity level, their skin condition, their coat type, and breed will be factors in how frequently your dog's coat needs attention.  

There will also be times when you want your dog looking their absolute best, whether it's for a holiday or family pictures. If that entails getting them spiffed up at the groomer, be sure and book the appointment several weeks early.

If you'd prefer leaving the haircuts and nail trimming to the groomer, you can certainly complete other grooming maintenance tasks - ear washing, brushing and bathing - at home in between visits.

  • Removing tangles is much more painful on wet hair. Before bath time, always give the coat a good brushing, using a de-matter as needed.
  • Wet your dog with warm water and lather their coat with gentle shampoo. Gently clean around the eyes, muzzle, and other sensitive areas. Thoroughly rinse the suds with a hand sprayer.
  • Using a gentle conditioner designed for dog hair is an optional next step. Conditioning seals the hair cuticle, making it feel softer and more pliable when dry.
  • Comb out their hair with a wide-toothed comb, and gently towel them off before allowing the coat to air dry.

 In addition to regular grooming, your pet needs a healthy diet made with high quality ingredients to main healthy skin and a healthy coat. Stop in and talk with one of our sales associates about finding the right food for your pet's needs.

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