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Why Do Cats Need Taurine?

Just like humans, cats are what they eat. Their diet can directly influence their levels of health and vitality. Food is fuel, but it's also vitally important to overall well-being and there are some things that cats must have in their daily regime. In fact, without taurine, cats may experience a decline in health especially when it comes to issues such as blindness and tooth decay.

Amino acids are essential nutrients that all mammals need for life in general. Some of these can be created in the body but others must be synthesized from the animal protein found in food. Taurine deficiencies can lead to a lot of problems in felines, which is why it is such an integral part of proper cat nutrition. For cats, taurine is an essential amino acid and supports glowing health for our feline friends:

  • Vision: Deficiency can lead to blindness
  • Brain & nerves: Taurine supports nerve and cell function and crosses the blood-brain barrier
  • Heart: Deficiency can cause diseases in the heart muscle
  • Digestion: Combines with bile acids for proper digestion
  • Immune function: Taurine affects immune system responsiveness
  • Fetal development: Deficiency can cause stillbirths, low birth weights, and birth defects in kittens.

Taurine is a bigger deal to cats than to other varieties or mammals, including dogs. This is simply because felines are incapable of creating their own taurine through pre-existing amino acids within themselves. The only way a cat can get taurine is by eating animal products, since the amino acid is solely available through animal proteins.

If you are interested in keeping your cats happy and healthy, we recommend meat-rich diets for your furry felines. 

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