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Purina® Yesterday's News® Original Cat Litter
Made with recycled paper Packaging is recyclable (where facilities exists) Unscented – no fragrance 3x more moisture absorbent than clay* 99.7% dust free T..
Feline Fresh™ Natural Pine Clumping Cat Litter
Instantly absorbs and neutralizes all litter box odors Rapidly forms flushable clumps Similar texture to clay for cat acceptance Dust and bentonite free! Safe, n..
Purina® Tidy Cats® 24/7 Performance Clumping Cat Litter
Tidy gets your busy schedule. So it created a deodorizing system that delivers around-the-clock freshness that will help keep your home smelling clean 24/7. Locks in moistur..
Purina® Tidy Cats® Instant Action Clumping Cat Litter
Tidy understands odor can clump up the best of days. So it designed Instant Action to neutralize odors so you can scoop and move on with your day. Strong clumps; easy cl..
Fresh & Natural™ Fragrance Free Clumping Cat Litter
The Fragrance Free Formula offers maximum cat litter box odor control, including liquid and solid waste odors. Our litter contains a natural mineral source to trap odor – so a..
World's Best™ Clumping Cat Litter
FLUSHABLE CAT LITTER THAT CLUMPS The messiest job in cat care just got easier, with Clumping formula, the flushable* cat litter with outstanding odor control and tight clump..
Smart Cat™ Natural Clumping Litter
This multi-cat formula is not only all natural but designed to make everything easier! Easier to carry, easier to scoop and easier to clean. On top of that we are made from 100%..
Pet Food Plus Brand E-Gift Voucher
A Pet Food Plus e-gift voucher is delivered straight to the recipient's inbox, providing an instant gift! ..
Purina® Tidy Cats® Instant Action Non-Clumping Cat Litter
With Tidy’s Instant Action non-clumping formula, you get fast results that last for an entire week. Now how’s that for a sweet-smelling oxymoron?   Fast..
Purina® Tidy Cats® 24/7 Performance Non-Clumping Cat Litter
Tidy knows cleaning the litter box is a chore. So it designed a non-clumping blend that helps you cross odor control off your to-do list. Extended release deodorizing sy..
Premium Choice® All Natural Unscented Clumping Cat Litter
FOR PEOPLE WHO want low-tracking, low dust litter, want to neutralize odors, maintain the litter box frequently.   FOR CATS WHO have their own litter box, or share ..
Purina® Tidy Cats® Lightweight with Glade® Clean Blossoms Clumping Cat Litter
Tidy can't wait for you to wrap your nostrils around its latest innovation: Tidy Cats LightWeight with Glade® Tough Odor Solutions Clean Blossoms™. Long name? Sure. Does it e..
Purina® Tidy Cats® Lightweight 24/7 Performance Clumping Cat Litter
Tidy was the first to invent litter, so why not reinvent it by making it light weight? With light, tight clumps, this scoopable litter is half the weight, but all the strength. ..
Purina® Tidy Cats® Lightweight 4-in-1 Strength Clumping Cat Litter
Tidy was the first to invent litter, so why not reinvent it by making it light weight? With light, tight clumps, this scoopable litter is half the weight, but all the strength. ..
Okocat™ Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter
Our premium fast and firm clumping natural cat litter in soft, ground pellets. Tested performance for long lasting odor control and unsurpassed absorption with the added benefit..
Swheat Scoop® Original Clumping Cat Litter
We are nice to cats, but not nice to odors. sWheat Scoop Original Formula utilizes the wheat enzymes to eliminate odors and the wheat starch to help clump fast. and did we menti..
World's Best™ Lavender Scented Multiple Cat Clumping Litter
Made with 100% all-natural scented lavender oil, this multiple cat formula is ideal for cat owners who prefer their cat litter to be scented. No synthetic chemicals, clays or pe..
Ever Clean® Scented Clumping Cat Litter
Features a fresh, clean scent that is released on contact with moisture, so it works when it's needed.   New Odor-Neutralizing Carbon Plus™ Grabs & Holds ..
Ever Clean® Unscented Clumping Cat Litter
Features a fragrance-free formula for cats (and people!) sensitive to scent.   New Odor-Neutralizing CARBON Plus™ Grabs & Holds Odor Odor-Neutralizing..
Ever Clean® Activated Charcoal Clumping Cat Litter
Odor Neutralizing Activated Charcoal grabs & holds odors.   Odor-Neutralizing Activated Charcoal Grabs & Holds Odor Activated charcoal is bonded to ..
Dr. Elsey's® Precious Cat Ultra Cat Litter
Precious Cat Ultra…a unique formulation that combines the heavy non tracking granules of the Classic with a medium grain clay. The result is an excellent clumping litter that ..
Dr. Elsey's® Touch of Outdoors Cat Litter
Bring the outdoor experience in with Touch of Outdoors™ Litter   Do you have a cat that wants to go outside or do you want to enrich your cat’s environment? You..

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