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Benefits of Feeding Raw Pet Food

Lets take a closer look at some of the benefits from feeding raw diets. These benefits can help to solve some common health issues that your pet may be dealing with and some that you may not have known they have.

1. The Not-So-Smelly Advantage to Raw Feeding. If you own a pet, then you are familiar with the worst parts of pet ownership: the clean-up. There's no need to sugarcoat that poop is gross. A raw diet can reduce the volume and odor of their stool to a more manageable and tolerable level. Raw poops, as they are playfully called, resemble large rabbit poop.

It will also improve the consistency and frequency of their bowel movements. The nutrients' minimal ingredients and high bioavailability allow your pet to digest and use almost all the food's nutrients efficiently.

2. Bring Back Your Pet's Natural Luster. Poor digestion or absorption of nutrients can affect their skin and coat health. Dry skin, excessive shedding, itchiness, and inflammation can all be caused by a lack of or improper balance of nutrients in your pet's diet. A raw diet provides the most natural sources of these essential nutrients in a form that is easy for your pet's body to recognize and use.

Another important factor in skin and coat health is hydration. Pets that do not eat a moisture-rich diet will end up losing that moisture through bowel movements. Dehydration negatively affects your pet's skin by limiting natural oil production that supports the quality of your pet's skin cells and fur.

For many pet owners, shedding is a constant issue. A reduction in shedding is one of the first benefits you'll see when feeding raw. In combination with a regular brushing routine, you can significantly cut down on shedding and dander.

3. Managing Weight and Muscle Mass. A raw food diet will not fix all of your pet's weight issues, but it can help. Raw diets are calorie-dense and easy to digest, allowing you to feed smaller portions and provide better nutrition and energy to your pet. Feeding a meat-rich, raw diet will give your pet the ability to build and maintain muscle, burn fat, and provide more balanced energy.

4. Moisture and Renal Function. Dehydration can decrease digestive function, slow the process of waste removal, and lead to recurring urinary tract problems like infection and crystals. The high moisture content in raw animal protein helps the kidneys flush these toxins through the urinary tract. This support can also reduce unnecessary strain on the kidneys. A moisture-rich diet will encourage more frequent and healthy urination, which will dilute urine and flush out bacteria.

5. Dental Health Benefits. Enzymes in raw meat provide superior dental benefits. These enzymes work by combating bacteria in the oral cavity that can cause dog breath, plaque and tartar build-up, inflammation of the gums, and other serious dental issues. This does not omit the need for regular teeth brushing and dental care, but it will prevent rapid bacteria build up in the mouth.

6. Mouth-Wateringly Delicious. Even the pickiest pets love raw food. When faced with a choice between kibble and raw meat, there's no contest. The texture, scent, and taste will have your pet excited about mealtime. Youngsters, seniors, fussy eaters, and even pets missing a few teeth can enjoy this tasty food format.

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