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What Is Freeze-Dried Cat Food?

Freeze-dried foods have grown in popularity over recent years. These foods are a great way to introduce your cat to fresh, raw food, without the need to have to store, prepare, or convert your cat over to the raw style of feeding. Options include full freeze-dried meals, as well as toppers that are used to enhance existing meals by adding freeze-dried pieces or dust on top of the meals that are served.

So, What Is Freeze-Dried Cat Food?

Freeze-dried cat food undergoes the same process that's used to make shelf-stable freeze-dried meals for camping or emergencies. The raw ingredients are cooled to an extremely low temperature-well below the freezing point of water-and then placed into a vacuum chamber. In these low-pressure conditions, the frozen liquid doesn't melt and is instead sublimated into a gas.

This process extracts moisture and destroys pathogenic bacteria, making the food extraordinarily shelf-stable. People have safely eaten freeze-dried foods after 30 years on the shelf. Freeze-dried food is bone dry when you pour it out of the bag. To restore the food's natural texture and make it a hydrating meal, simply pour goat's milk, bone broth or warm water over the food and let it soak in for a couple of minutes.

Benefits of Freeze-Dried Cat Food

Freeze-dried cat food is getting more popular simply because it has both the advantages of raw food and dry kibble, which are high in natural nutrition and easy to serve.

High In Natural Nutrition
Thanks to freeze-drying technology, the natural enzymes, nutrients and flavor of the raw food are "locked" into place, unlike the traditional pet foods, which are cooked in high heat and destroy the natural elements in the food.

Freeze-dried cat food is generally rich in protein, which is found naturally in raw ingredients such as meats, internal organs and yolks. Animal protein is the number one essential nutrient for cats to thrive because cats are carnivores in nature and this is what they will primarily get in the wild.

Easy To Serve
Freeze-dried cat food is an excellent choice for cat owners who want to feed their cats a raw diet but worry about preparing fresh raw food themselves. Especially for those busy owners who might not have the time to purchase and thaw frozen raw food.

Freeze-dried cat food is ready-to-serve, just like dry kibble! It can really save you a lot of time and energy in preparing your cat's food. No need to be concerned about freezer space as it is a shelf-stable raw food that does not require refrigeration. Just store it at room temperature and keep the bag sealed!

However, if freeze-dried food is already rehydrated with water, your cat should finish it within half an hour. Refrigeration is needed for any leftover because bacteria can grow on it since it contains moisture now. It is also suggested to finish the leftover rehydrated freeze-dried food within two days for optimum freshness.

What's more? Freeze-dried cat food is delicious due to its natural flavor and meaty texture that cats can't resist! If your cats are picky eaters or rarely have an appetite to eat, you should try feeding them with freeze-dried cat food.

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