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CATWATER: To Help Prevent Urinary Problems

Balanced water for the needs of cats. Using a unique process, VETWATER has developed CATWATER - Urinary Formula to help prevent urinary problems in cats. Its formulation is based on a preventative approach, as recommended by research in veterinary medicine, which relies on 3 pillars of intervention:

  1. Helps increase water consumption of the cat. CATWATER is a water ozonated without chlorine with a level of acidity which helps to encourage the cat to drink more.
  2. Helps promote a urinary pH ideal. CATWATER has a perfectly balanced pH between 6.2 and 6.4 that suits cats' needs. It helps to create a level of acidity normal in the urine to keep the urinary system of the cat healthy.
  3. Helps to minimize mineral crystals and bladder stones. CATWATER contains no minerals associated to urinary problems.

Did you know? The #1 reason for veterinary consultations for cats is for urinary tract and bladder related diseases.

The causes of urinary problems:

  1. Cats produce a highly concentrated urine. This high concentration leads to the accumulation of a variety of minerals in the urine.
  2. When the urinary pH level is abnormal, these minerals can lead to the formation of crystals.
  3. Combined with the inflammation in the bladder, these conditions cause pain, discomfort, and the risk of urinary obstruction.

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