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Importance of Feline Hydration

Cats evolved from desert-dwelling creatures that developed an ability to conserve water well and didn't need a lot of water to survive. As a result, many of our cats today don't have a high thirst drive. Many cats simply don't drink because they don't think about it. Unfortunately, though our domesticated house cats still have the ability to concentrate their urine quite well, they can still find themselves in trouble when they don't drink enough.

Feeding canned food can aid in keeping our furry felines happy and hydrated. According the WebMD, dry cat food contains 7 percent to 12 percent water, while canned cat food can measure up to 80 percent water. Because dry food contains so much less water than wet food, cats that eat exclusively dry food often don't get as much water as cats that eat primarily wet food. Providing a water fountain for cats or leaving a faucet dripping for a short time can also influence cats to drink more water.


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