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Are Flea & Tick Treatments Necessary in the Fall?

As the cooler weather of autumn falls upon us, many pet owners think they can stop giving their pets flea and tick preventatives but doing so is a mistake - cooler weather doesn't kill fleas and ticks!

While many people don't associate autumn chill with fleas and ticks, fall can be one of the worst seasons for these bloodsucking pests. In fact, deer ticks are at their peak during the fall and spring. In many parts of the country, the cat flea - the most common flea of dogs and cats - hits peak infestation in late summer and fall. Fleas can carry tapeworms and organisms that cause bubonic plague and murine typhus.

Veterinarians recommend using flea and tick treatments until well into the cold winter months. In warmer climates, where the temperatures don't drop below freezing on a regular basis, it's necessary to use flea and tick medications throughout the year. 

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