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5 Ways to Help Pets on Fourth of July

Fireworks, picnics and other Fourth of July traditions can be great fun for people, but all of the festivities can be frightening and even dangerous for animals. As popular as fireworks displays are, animals don't understand that the bursts of light and deafening explosions are just for fun. Dogs have jumped fences, broken chains, torn through screen doors, and even leaped through glass doors - sometimes seriously injuring themselves in the process - in a desperate effort to escape the bombardment. Not surprisingly, after fireworks displays, animal shelters report an influx of lost cats and dogs.

Celebrate safely by taking the following precautions to help your animal companions survive the annual celebrations with as little stress as possible:

  1. Never take dogs to fireworks displays or leave them outside alone during fireworks. Instead, keep dogs and cats indoors, and if possible, stay home with them.
  2. Be sure that animals are wearing collars or harnesses with an up-to-date ID tag. If your dog has a microchip, check with your vet to make sure it is activated before the holiday hits.
  3. Closing windows and curtains can help decrease the volume of fireworks and hide bright, flashing lights in the distance. The less distractions, the better.
  4. Thundershirts provide gentle, consistent pressure that can help both dogs and cats feel more secure and relaxed during fireworks displays.
  5. Natural calming remedies can help ease stress for cats and dogs during Fourth of July fireworks.

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