Four Paws® Aloe Ear Mite Treatment for Cats

Four Paws® Aloe Ear Mite Treatment for Cats

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Four Paws® Aloe Ear Mite Treatment for Cats offers relief for cats suffering from ear mites. Cats that have ear mites will typically shake their heads and scratch their ears frequently. Ear mites live in the ear canal of the animal and cause a brownish, waxy debris to be formed. Ear mites may be detected by placing some of the waxy debris on a dark surface and carefully watching for the movement of tiny white specks away from the debris. Inflamed, watery, or blocked ear canals indicate a more serious condition which requires the services of a veterinarian.


Pyrethrins 0.05%
Piperonyl butoxide* 0.50%
* Butylcarbityl 6-propylpiperonyl ether and related compound

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